Fun Things to do in Oconee County

Fun Things to do in Oconee County

     Oconee County provides various experiences to those who live there or are just passing through. This town is south of Athens, Georgia and is sure to impress. You will find an impressive dining scene, entertainment, and endless shopping that will have you coming back for more. This blog seeks to help you better plan a trip to Oconee County. 

     If you are a foodie, Oconee County is the place for you. There are several great dining spots within this town. Bee’s Knees is a bakery that makes delicious desserts that you don’t want to miss. Mama’s Boy is a staple restaurant that people come from all over to eat at. Its brunch style menu will never leave you disappointed. White Tiger is a classic in this area and they are famous for their BBQ and all the southern fixings. 

     If you are looking for entertainment, Oconee County has got you covered. University 16 Cinemas is a great place to watch the newest movies. With their incredible snack bar and comfy seating options, you’ll walk away wanting more. Only 10 minutes away is Sanford Stadium where you can walk to a Bulldogs game in the fall. 

     If you are into fashion and shopping, Oconee County is the place for you. The Epps Bridge Centre has countless shops that you can explore. These stores include: Aerie, Old Navy, Ulta, and many more. If you want to spend a day getting all your shopping done this is the place for you. Wire Park is also a great place to visit for all your shopping needs. With an outdoor area that will not disappoint and countless events hosted there, Wire Park is sure to impress. 

     Oconee County is a great area to consider moving to or just a fun place to visit. Being just 15 minutes from Athens, there are multiple options for food, entertainment, and shopping. Oconee County is centrally located in Georgia and is only a few hours away from the North Georgia Mountains. Whether you are more focused on indoor activities or outdoor exploration, Oconee County is the place for you.



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